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Mon, Jul. 21st, 2014, 10:02 pm
grcesar: Coming out

Well, yeah, I don't even know if I'm doing this right...

My name is Cesar, I'm 19 years old (almost 20, whatever), I'm from Mexico city aaaand this is my story (???)


So... a day ago I told my parents that I'm gay, it was like a pressure decision (my dad asked me) after thinking it a lot I thought the right thing to do was telling them (why not, right?).

When I finally made it downstairs, I told them that I'm gay and it was OK, my mom didn't get surprised at all but my dad was in shock, he went like "sorry, what?!", I started explaining what I felt and why I was telling them in that moment and they told me it was fine, that they support me and that they love me even more with this. (Not big of a deal, right?)

THE THING IS, after that the environment at home got awkward. I'm shy and I suffer from social anxiety, you may think that the anxiety doesn't involve my family, the truth is it does. When my parents are home I star overthinking the situation and I get very nervous around them, I don't know how to control this and it sucks, I know I have the support from my parents and that a lot of the LGBT community have more problems than me, having to deal with not supporting parents or friends or whatever. I'm not trying to victimize myself but I'm really struggling with this, I don't know how to be "normal" again with them around me (not that being gay is anormal) but in the way that I don't feel that they are thinking about me being gay and being a different person if that makes sense.

I just wanted to take this out of my mind, I don't even know if someone is going to read this or care about this, it's my way to get rid of all this stress.
Sorry if my english is not perfect, but english is a universal language and I really want to share my mind.

Sun, Mar. 20th, 2011, 12:51 am
california_kid: General Question.

Hey all.
I dunno who still reads on here, but I had a question to ask, so I figured I'd come here.

I'm at the point now where I'm out to the people who I want to be out to at the moment. "You're always coming out" is a phrase that sticks in my head, but I see there has to be a point where you no longer have to say it, it's just there.

On my Facebook, I've left my "Interested In" blank. It's been blank ever since I've had a Facebook, even before I started questioning my sexuality. In recent days, I've thought about checking the necessary boxes -- Men obviously -- and posting it up for the world to see. I guess my question is: What's your thought on this? Is it something necessary?

Any comments are appreciated.
Thanks guys!

Peace to your FACE. : )

Sat, Nov. 6th, 2010, 10:52 pm
ficklecattle: Coming Out (A Tribute)

I wanted to share my brother's coming out story, seen through my eyes. I hope you find something good in it.


Thu, Oct. 8th, 2009, 11:39 pm
x_twist3d_x: (no subject)

Hello, you can call me by the name of twist,
I'm a 15 year old bisexual girl living in Illinois.
I have joined this community for one reason -
to have help coming out of the closet.
When i was the age of 13, I started realizing that I had attractions not only to guys, but to girls as well.
I started saying girls were cute, beautiful, and amazing. I wanted to have a relationship with one. I KNOW I'm bi, its not a stage. I've had many guy relationships, but only a couple girl relationships. Many people outside my family - my close friends, and my new friends, know of my sexual orientation. my family on the other hand...don't really know. The only people who know is my brother and my cousin. I love them both more than anything, and I knew they would still be there for me. But for the rest of my family, I'm not sure how they feel. I'm afraid of telling them and being ultimately rejected. my parents are divorced, & i live with my mom. My dad is very homophobic. He disapproves gay rights, and doesn't accept people who are like so. My mother on the other hand is more accepting - but I'm still afraid to tell her. I'm so afraid she's going to freak and tell me im wrong. tell me I'm dirty and flat out wrong. I just want acceptance. But I'm so afraid...but I've been hiding for 2 years! I want to tell them..I also currently have a girlfriend, and i don't like keeping her a secret.  But I don't know how to tell..I'm afraid. People of this community, can you help..?

Wed, Oct. 29th, 2008, 11:53 am
suburbannerd: am i gay ???

this posts has nothing to do with coming out ...(at least i think) ...

how do i start this ??? okay ...Im a guy ... 16 this year ...
from childhood i've always love what girls do .... i love pink,love cosmetics and whatnot and shit .... My mom always told me it's wrong to do those things that associates to the female gender,it sort of came off natural to me.Got humiliated and insulted during my pre- and primary school year ...it got through until I started secondary school that I've decided to stop all those girly thingy ... It's fucking difficult not to be myself cause I'm doing these for my family and friends ... then when I started puberty at the age 13 or 14,I realised that i've not come to terms of liking girls in a sexual way(not that i can remember of).....

INSTEAD,i always have wet dreams of guys and I always check them out ... Come to think of that,i've never had those "feelings" for girls .... INSTEAD, i have feelings for guys."When a cute or a hot guy just walk past me,i always checked them out or take a peek and I always let a huge squeal in my heart like." OMG HE'S HOT/CUTE!"

I fucking hate myself for that,im a muslim by the way.its hard cause its considered sinful ....

I don't have gay friends and nearly all my friends have gf's/bf's ... I' m always alone ... & everytime i hung out with my guy friends and when a hot/cute chick seems to walk pass by us,they would try to woo her and I WOULD FUCKING PRETEND I FANCY HER .... FUCK THESE FEELINGS.
My friends would always asked me ," Hey,when are you going to have a girlfriend ?" I would lie to them saying that I'm not in the mood to be in a relationship cause I'm focusing on my studies ... The thing is I want to be straight and start a family   but the fucking problem is how can i fuck my wife without liking her/feeling aroused within her prescence in that manner ? I don't want to disappoint my family ... And I'm living in ASIA! Its hard when you're living in a country that doesn't support 'your kind'

~ SO AM I GAY ???
~ i need help please/ im begging in each one of you !!!

Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008, 05:27 pm
slasherfersure: (no subject)

I am a lesbian but... I don't know who to tell first. Obviously my internet friends now but my real friends don't, and I want to tell somebody who'll believe me and stand by me and not tell anybody about it until I am ready. Unfortunately, I am not sure if such a friend of mine exists. :( I don't want to tell my family yet, either, but at this point it seems like I'll have to.

I could tell two people: my older brother or my older sister.

PROS and CONS of each.Collapse )


Wed, Oct. 22nd, 2008, 09:25 pm
bookwormdan: I did it!

I came out to my parents in the form of a letter sent via e-mail... not the best choice, I have to say. They've pretty much ignored it, which I guess is a good thing. I just feel like they thought that I was confused or something.
But I also came out to the rest of the world. I changed my status on Facebook and confirmed that I was gay. Honestly, I don't think it surprised anyone. Maybe my brother. But overall, nothing happened. So I'm good with that. :D

Wed, Oct. 8th, 2008, 12:22 pm
deepanalysis: INQUIRY

Sweet Peeps,

     I have been reading Stephen King's non-fiction autobiographical work On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. This is a book in which he shares some humorous anecdotes of growing up (e.g., Eula-Bulah, the "big as a house" teenage babysitter who would repeatedly pin King down, sit on his face, and then fart) interspersed with some advice for aspiring writers.
     King comes from humble roots. His father split when he was two, leaving his mother perpetually single and moving around from state to state in search of work. Her jobs pay poor and are of the dead-end, mindlessly rote kind. At the Statford Laundry she feeds sheets through wringers, in an environment where summertime temperatures reach highs of over 100 degrees and salt pills are handed out to combat the sweat loss. After college, in his 20s and with a family to raise, King finds himself working at his own dead-end laundry job, downing salt pills in the summer and thinking, "this isn't the way our lives are supposed to be going."
     However, it wouldn't be long before King is hoisted from his sweltering laundry job into riches and fame as a bestselling fiction author. But, wait, how does it happen? Of course, King doesn't really know. He shrugs it off as a whole lot of inborn talent (writers, he suggests, can't be made, neither by circumstances nor self-will, because "the equipment comes with the original package") combined with some good luck. The ideas for bestsellers, he says, essentially come out of thin air.
     Now, in the age of our so-called economic crisis, I wonder how many humble-rooted factory workers, floor moppers, cubicle-confined state workers and coffee servers have the same thought as King did: namely that this isn't the way their lives are supposed to be going. How many people cringe at the sound of the alarm clock and yearn to be hoisted, like King, out of serfdom so that they too can hang out with the Lords in their ivory towers, mansions and five-star restaurants?
     In the new song, Troublemaker, lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo of Weezer sings that he can't work a job, "like any other slob, punch it in, punch it out, and suckin' up to Bob, marrying a bitch, having seven kids, giving up, and growing old and hoping there's a god." In the song Rockstar, the band Nickelback points out that everyone wants to be famous, living in hilltop houses, driving fifteen cars, with no-limit credit cards, signing autographs so that they can eat their meals for free. Madonna drives the point home with her song, American Life, in which she explains that she has "a lawyer and a manager, an agent and a chef, three nannies, an assistant, and a driver and a jet, a trainer and a butler, and a bodyguard or five, a gardner and stylist..."
     Such witty ditties would be cute and even amusing, were it not for the fact that they are true. The rich and famous really do live like this, enjoying the peace-of-mind that naturally comes from having tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in disposable income. Corporate CEOs rake in yearly salaries that an "average" middle class American worker -- were they to somehow make $70,000 per year --  would not accrue in an entire lifetime. Bearing Voltaire's classic quote, "the comfort of the rich depends upon an abundance of the poor," in mind, does one ever get the feeling that they are like so many Egyptian slaves, builders of pyramids for god-like Pharaohs?
     Stephen King, having now sold over 300 million copies of his tales of blood, guts, torture and mayhem can now look back on his life from a cheery and optimistic perspective. But how do millions of others, whose equal success is logically impossible, feel about their own "average" lifestyles? Further, with children starving over in impoverished nations, shouldn't our priorities somehow change? Or will we remain complacently satisfied with our run-of-the-mill, salt pill popping, laundry job lives; perhaps thinking that our reward is in heaven?

     I wonder what you think.


you can visit or comment @ deepanalysis 

Mon, Oct. 6th, 2008, 07:37 am
brandonboggs: Eh.

So I'm Brandon, and I'm fifteen.
I'm gay. I KNOW that. I don't want to hear how I can't know because of my age. I know, trust me.

In any case, I have ALWAYS been kind of scared of telling my parents about my sexual orientation. My father is a die-hard redneck idiot who is biased against anything different. My mother is a conservative christian who thinks that God hates homosexuals. But, in the end, I obviously was going to tell them. I just wanted to wait until I was perfectly comfortable. Until I was sure I had all my bases covered and I could sit down with them and tell them EXACTLY how I feel.

But, my mother intervened.

She started hacking my email account and reading everything. Apparently a Gay Straight Alliance thing was there. So, in the end, my mother cornered me one day and forced me to tell her I'm gay. She then easily said 'I don't think people are born like that. It's wrong, read the Bible'.

I was torn apart emotionally.

Shouldn't I choose the time and manner that I come out?!
Shouldn't I be the one who decides that?!

I will never forgive my mother for that; even if I love her unconditionally.

Are my feelings incorrect?

Mon, Sep. 8th, 2008, 01:06 am
shiruartist: (no subject)

My name is Shiru/Rhys, I'm 19 in a couple months, and I'm pangender and pansexual.
Recently I've been going through a lot of changes in my life. Last year I finished up my first year of college and the second semester... didn't go so well.

I grew up in an LCMS Lutheran home. My Dad is a pastor, my Mom is a teacher, both of my sisters are teachers... and I made the mistake of going to an LCMS university. I've decided to take some time off from school because of everything that is going on in my life. I've become ELCA Lutheran (big difference from LCMS- for one, they accept LGBTQ people- and not the 'hate the sin, love the sinner' type stuff.), I discovered that I was pansexual and pangender that second semester, I was having serious doubts about my major, and becoming severely claustrophobic. I was having issues with money and other things as well. This all translated into academic problems, oversleeping, depression, and I came very close to suiciding. Over the course of the summer I managed to figure out that I needed some time away from school to get my head on straight. And so I set about making plans and trying to convince my Dad to stop trying to talk me into changing my mind.
I eventually decided that one semester wouldn't kill me (hah!) and it would give me more time.
I finally managed to convince my Dad to accept that I would only be coming back for one semester three weeks ago.... but the first day back at school- I freaked out and realized that I couldn't do it. (a week ago) Tonight I finally managed to tell my parents and especially my mother that I'm unenrolling from school. My mother thinks I'm quitting and that I'm ruining my life and she cried/sobbed through most of our conversation. My dad was just quiet.
I'm sad, but I know I'm making the right choice.

My only problem is- I need to come out to my parents about my pan-ness and I want to do it sooner rather than later- so I can finally be free of having to lie to them and to be something I'm not in front of them. But if my parents responded so strongly to just taking a couple years off and ruining my life.... how am I ever going to tell them that I'm screwing up any chance of Heaven and that I'm basically going to Hell (in their view.) It's not as if they'd be mean... they'd be distraught. They'd cry. They'd want to know what they did wrong. My Dad would quote Bible verses at me and try to convince me I'm not pan. That- well... in that vein. (And okay- I'm still terrified that they'll be prejudiced religious assholes and my sister will revoke my godmother status over her son.)

I guess I'm looking for advice and hugs.
Anyone who's gone through the same sort of thing?


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