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Fri, Sep. 5th, 2008, 04:02 pm
hajile99: Good News!

So, I finally decided that my parents needed to know everything about me and my partner, if for no other reason than they're moving to town next week and wasn't going to play the charade with them any longer (it's only been...4 years...). So I finally got up enough courage to call up my mom and told her everything. I won't get into the long boring details, but we finally actually talked about me being gay (for the first time since she asked me if I was straight nearly 4 and a half years ago...). She told me that she wishes I was straight, but she's not upset or hurt that I'm gay. She told me that her Aunt Edie has a son who's gay and how she disowned him and that she could never do that to me, which felt really good. I then told her about my partner and our age difference and how I'm thinking of moving into his apartment (since it's right across the street from the condo they'll be living in) until I finally buy a place of my own and we can move in there. I wouldn't say she was 100% happy about any of it, but there's no hate or disowning or sadness, even.

This is the first time in years I've felt so....free.

And a bit tired, from the crying, but mostly just free.

Mon, Sep. 1st, 2008, 02:49 am
stefanieis: uhh...

I actually have no idea how to start this post...
Im 16 from chicago
And I actually don't like labeling myself
But I am bi
And I've tried to bring it up to my family as in hints and im not out to anybody in my family
But I've told friends
And my best friends who are understanding really understanding and soo helpful
I want to have friends who are going through the same thing and know what this confusing random lifes about
And its weird having just straight friends because there is really nobody to talk to... so I guess I joined this to talk to people and I've read other post and I don't feel so alone so thank you :) and idk If its allowed but you can add me on this lj

Sat, Aug. 30th, 2008, 08:22 pm
twilight_fan16: (no subject)

Hey, guys. I'm a 17 year old lesbian in Utah aka religion centeral.

In December, I came out to four of my closest friends. They all took it really well, except for one of my friends who freaked out and I haven't really talked to her since. Because she's just as religious as my parents, I'm afraid of their reaction. My mom jokes and tells me that since I haven't really talked about boys that we could go out and look for hot girls. It really scares me of how jokingly she says it, but how close she is. Does anyone have any idea of how I could come out to her and my dad?

Sun, Aug. 10th, 2008, 08:11 pm
amor_demi_alma: New GLBTQQIA Community

Hi Guys!
I just created a community at
. It's for members of the GLBTQQIA community to make friends and discuss being gay as it relates to being disabled in any way, be it physical, mental, learning, etc. Anyone, gay or straight or anything in between, is welcome to check it out and join. Be sure to tell your friends!

Mon, Jul. 28th, 2008, 04:13 pm
fitzwilliamlogo: insight on coming out!! really important!

Hi Guys!

I just watched the most important film I’ve watched all year called Coming Out Stories. Its a documentary made by Logo, the LGBT channel, and it follows several different people as they come out to the most important people in their lives. I was really glad I saw it and finally understood what my sister went through. I found the DVD for rental from this site - http://www.logoonline.com/netflix.

Sun, Jul. 6th, 2008, 01:33 am
autoswerve: where to go from here

Okay, so I'll give a little background info before I ask your opinions. My name is Jess, I'm from New Jersey and I'm 22. I've been pretty solid in my sexuality since I was in my early teens, but didn't come to terms with it until I turned 18. Only a few months ago did I really begin to embrace it. I'm out to friends and new acquaintances, but I have held back from telling my family. This past year there was a death in the family as well as quite a few health scares, so I kept quiet, not wanting to stir things up any more. I'm just about overflowing.

I have major anxiety issues anyway, so this has me on edge. It's not my entire life, but a significant part of it, and one that I'd like to share with my loved ones. My mother is the one who makes me really nervous. We've always had a rocky relationship and I never really expected her to support me.

About a month ago I was having some drinks around a campfire with a family friend and decided to test the waters with someone I felt I could trust. We're not blood related, but she's known me since day one. Let me tell you, I didn't not expect the first words out of her mouth to be "I have to tell so and so!" At that point I begged her to keep quiet not because I was ashamed, but because I was building toward it myself. It felt like high school.

A few nights ago I was talking to my aunt and she said she needed to tell me a story. My mother is going through the motions of being put on the transplant list for a new heart and the rest of my family has been supportive. My grandparents and two aunts went to some of her doctors appointments with her. At one of them, my grandfather, who was near the end of the grapevine on this, chose to bring it up when she was on the exam table in a mortifying fashion. "That sure is something about Jess, huh?" My aunts tried to cover it up by exclaiming about my new job, but my mother knew something was up. So my grandfather says: "Oh, you know, the gay thing."

The rest isn't really important. I'm just lost now. I don't know how to proceed. Right when I was starting to feel confident about being honest with her, I was blindsided. From what I heard, her response was definitely unpleasant. I've been thinking about taking her out for dinner and bringing it up when it's just the two of us. To be honest, I'm still not sure I'm ready, but it feels like I owe her some sort of explanation or confirmation. Needless to say, this is not the way I wanted this to go down. I wanted it to be a mature thing.

Any suggestions?

Fri, Jul. 4th, 2008, 03:57 am
torasama: (no subject)

Hey everyone, if this isn't approriate here just let me know.

I'm writing a (fictional) book about one girl's struggle with accepting that she's a lesbian, and everything that follows from that.

I want this to be a book that anyone can pick up and read and have alot of questions answered.

So, what kind of questions do/did you have about accepting your own sexuality, the coming out process, and everything else that involves what happens after you've accepted your sexuality?

Sat, Jun. 28th, 2008, 04:36 pm
xavier45: Confused?

Hey everyone. I am new to this community and I really needed to join because I needed a lot of questions answered. I am 19 and well last year I finally came to terms that I was gay. It was a hard thing for me to do because my family hates the whole idea. but I decided that it was my decision and they do not need to know anything about this. To this day, nobody in my family knows that I am gay. But there are times everyday where the secret gets close to getting revealed. I may say stuff or take 30 minutes to get dressed. this stuff really makes them confused about me. I always try to change the subject if it ever comes up. I think they may suspect it, but they hate the idea so much, they just try not to think about it. I think the only person I could ever tell is my 16 year old niece. She loves the gays and even has gay friends in school. But something stops me from telling her. I don't know what it is, but it just stops me. all I want is to be happy and to live a happy life. But I just can't get this out of my mind.

Does anyone know how I can get past this and how I can tell someone that I am gay?

Wed, Jun. 11th, 2008, 07:21 pm
cinnamon_star18: help?

okay...here it goes. My school is an all boys school..catholic school...managed by priests. The thing is....there are a lot of gays and bi-sexuals there. Having a gay guy is not something new in our school..its actually really accepted. So I never experienced the hate in high school towards gay people. Its actually not a suprise in our school when someone has a relationship..we are really liberated. So here is my problem...I'm now going to be a freshemen in college....and I am scared of what will happen because inside my highschool school, it was really liberated and they accept gays, gay relationship etc..im scared of the outside, scared of how they will react because my country is not that liberated. What should i do??? damn it...and yeah i have a schoolmate (friend) who is bi who will be going to the same university with me and same course.

Wed, May. 14th, 2008, 09:01 pm
bookwormdan: Hello

 Hey... I'm Dan... I'm 16 and gay. There are only a few people who know "officially", but I think most people at school think I am. People have asked me if I'm a fag or not. My parents don't know. If they did, I would be shipped off to a therapy retreat somewhere, I believe. I truly do. My parents are hardcore conservatives.

Anyway... I feel kind of awkward just throwing a question out there. Haha. But here goes.

Ok, so there's this boy I like. Liked? I dunno. I kind of got over him, but he's so cute! And I didn't completely. Well, he knows I'm gay and is very supportive. He doesn't know I like him, though. I have no clue if he is gay or not. My best friend is convinced he is, and I think he is too. And here's where the meat of this story comes in. Today, we were talking, and I told him I had started wearing different clothes - which is true, my fashion sense is completely changed. And he said he had noticed, and, furthermore, that he liked the change. 

And it's not like that's the only thing. He always says hi to me in kind of a cute way. And he always acts... not like a straight guy would towards a gay guy... does that make sense? 

My friend - the one who thinks he's gay - thinks I should ask him out. I think that would be bad, just in case he's straight. I'm too much of a wuss to ask him. Haha. Should I do something? Or just wait? Or am I being completely ridiculous?

Also... if I ever did decide to come out to my parents... or even another adult... how do I do that?

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