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Coming Out Support

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Hello! My name is Michael and I created this community to help answer any questions, comments, concerns, etc., that people have with the coming out process. I created the community for a couple different reasons. First, I looked through the other communities that deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens, and there wasn't one that specifically dealt with coming out, so I decided to create one. Naturally, the community, while created with teens in mind, will serve to answer questions from anyone and strives to welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. This community will exist to answer any questions that people may have and help them go through the never ending process of coming to terms with and embracing one's sexuality and gender identity, whatever they may be.

Secondly, I am interested in studying the process from an academic perspective. It's interesting to search for similarities and differences in people's experiences.

Feel free to post any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else that you might want to. I look forward to this community becoming a vibrant place to be and a community in the truest sense of the word. Also, coming out stories/narratives are MORE than welcome, because they help people see and understand that they're not the first ones to be going through these feelings. =)

Due to the nature of the community, some people may wish to post anonymously. While Livejournal does not allow that, per se, this community will. If you'd like to make an anonymous post, email me (mathwhiz78@aol.com) with your post and I will post it. Please make the subject something obvious (like "LJ Comingout") so I don't accidentally mistake it for spam. =)

Looking forward to contributions from everyone,